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  • Twin City Subaru
    (802) 223-5232

    Providing you with a friendly and fun environment is the top priority for our staff at Twin City Subaru. Whether you're buying parts from Josh, scheduling your next service appointment with Dan or looking at a new Subaru with Joe - we want you to have a great experience!

  • Bentley
    Chief Dog

    Hi, my name is Bentley and I am the "Chief Dog" at Twin City Subaru.  I don't take the title too seriously so all canines are welcome here.  Australian Shepherds are notoriously quirky and I am no exception although I prefer to think of myself as a unique individual.   I am extremely friendly so please come and pet me.  Warning, I can't seem to stop myself from kissing just about everyone I meet.  I am always hungry and may seem like I want your donut, but I am on a diet so please don't feed me.

    I want to meet you all!


    Bentley's Bio:

    Bentley lives in the Champlain Islands with his people, the Birminghams.  He is a rescue dog from Aussie Rescue and is four years old.  He is truly one of the friendliest dogs around and seems to love every man, woman, child, cat, dog and you name it.  When Bentley is not working his favorite place is Niquette Bay State Park running the trails.

  • Dave Birmingham
    (802) 224-7239

    Note from Dave Birmingham, Owner at Twin City Subaru:

    Hi, this is Bentley and my name is Dave. Thanks for visiting our website and hopefully we will soon see you in person at Twin City Subaru. Twin City Subaru has been in business for over 30 years now, and we pride ourselves on taking good care of all people - that means Employees and Customers alike!

    Whether you are in search of a Parts, Service, or are searching for New or Used Cars, we will provide honest service, good advice, and do so in a friendly manner. 

    All of our Employees are empowered to do the right thing to help a customer, so please ask us if you have a question, and tell us if you have an issue. If someone on our team cannot help, please email me at, stop by for a visit, or call me on my cell phone 802-224-7211. I can always fix a problem once I know about it, so don't be shy!  

    Thanks for choosing Twin City Subaru,

    Dave Birmingham

    Chief Dog Walker

    Twin City Subaru

    BIO: Dave and Susan live in the Champlain Islands with Bentley. They love to hike, bike, and do anything at all outdoors. Bentley is an Aussie (Australian Shepherd) and loves to work, so he comes to the dealership every day that he can! I am one of 10 siblings all born within 12 years of one another, I have 25 nieces and nephews, and both my wife and I still enjoy the company of all four of our parents. We feel fortunate to live in the great State of Vermont!

  • Paul Szekely
    General Manager
    (802) 224-7207

  • Desmond Culcleasure
    Business Manager

    A Bronx, N.Y. native, Desmond has lived in Vermont for 17 years.  On his days off, Mr. Culcleasure enjoys Vermont's fantastic fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing with his eleven year-old daughter Celia and wife Tanya. Why should you purchase a vehicle from him? "Because in my eyes it's more about building relationships than selling cars. I'll be there for you long after the sale is completed." 

  • Danny DeBenedetto
    Used Car Sales Manager
    (802) 224-7214

    More info about Danny will be coming soon!

  • Mike Alber
    Business Manager
    (802) 224-7297

    More info about Mike is coming soon!

  • Celyn Brouillette
    (802) 224-7222

    More info about Celyn is coming soon!

  • Tony Fletcher
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 223-5232

    Tony is a Subaru Certified Sales Consultant who has been in auto sales since 1997. He has been with Subaru for the past 8 years and believes it to be the best line-up on the road today. He has a no pressure, no nonsense approach that makes him very easy to talk to. "I look forward to meeting you, showing you the right car for you, and giving you the best car buying experience possible". See what Tony's customers are saying on DealerRater. 


  • Jim Glassford
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7215

    A graduate of Champlain College, Jim is a Subaru-Certified sales consultant and a 2009 Master Peak Performer. He's a current resident of South Barre, Vt., and has lived in the state for 24 years. Jim's favorite car to sell is the Outback, and he believes that Subarus are the perfect car for this area because they're reliable, comfortable and great in the snow. Why buy from Jim at Twin City? "I have proven that I will be there for you after the sale, and I also treat others how I would like to be treated." Check out what Jim's customers are saying on DealerRater.

  • Eric Lane
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Cars Sales

    Originally raised in New York City, Eric fell in love with Vermont while attending Green Mountain College in Poultney. After graduating, Eric moved back to New York for 10 years and worked in Real Estate and Executive Search. Eric moved back to Vermont to raise his family in 2006, and has been happily enjoying the bounties that Vermont offers.  

    Leaving the corporate world in 2012 and joining the automotive industry has allowed Eric the flexibility to spend more time with his family while fostering his interest in working closely with the great people of Vermont!  

  • Jeff Moser
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 223-5232 ex. 216

    Jeff Moser, a lifelong Vermont resident, sees himself as an incredible DIY-er (do-it-yourself-er). A Norwich attendee, Jeff finds enjoyment in long road trips and riding his motorcycle cross country. His favorite Vermont beer is Switchback and he loves The Scuffer restaurant on Church St. in Burlington. Jeff started his working days at Al's French Fries, and now loves selling cars because of the happy drivers. Jeff says he loves helping people find a safe, comfortable car to drive, and he loves Twin City "for the honest, no-nonsense approach Twin City provides". See what Jeff's customers are saying on DealerRater.

  • Dylan Otis
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7224

    Dylan Otis has a passion for golf. He has been playing competitively since age 14. He won a state title with his high school team and was a medalist in college. When he isn't playing golf he enjoys kayaking, hiking, and swimming. His personal philosophy is "Desire is desire. We will make mistakes in life and it's how we bounce back that defines true character." Dylan was baptized in Africa and would like to see the Himalayan Mountains and the beaches of Thailand. He went to Northfield High School and attended Norwich University for some time. Dylan likes working at Twin City Subaru because of "my fellow sales/service team who work amongst myself. We work together to provide an excellent service to our customers. It's hard to find a great group of co-workers who make selling fun."

  • Joe Sweeney
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Cars Sales
    (802) 224-7212

    Joe is a Subaru-Certified Sales Consultant and has lived in Vermont every year of his life. He's currently a resident in Montpelier, and graduated from UVM, Champlain and Trinity College. He believes a positive mental attitude (PMA) should be the guiding principle in life, and that the one thing that makes a Subaru awesome is love. Why buy from Joe at Twin City Subaru? "This dealership is very friendly and offers great prices with low pressure. I am friendly, outgoing and I love to meet to people and help them find the right car that will bring them years of quality and enjoyment. Call or stop in and ask for me. I promise to make your car-buying experience enjoyable, relaxing and fun." Check out what Joe's customers are saying on DealerRater.

  • Nikki Saldi
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7277

    Nikki Saldi is a native of Williamstown, VT,  but currently lives in the "sticks" of Brookfield, VT. She enjoys spending time with family, kayaking with friends, hitting the VASA trails in the summer with her longtime boyfriend, riding her Harley Davidson, and relaxing in the sun on her days off with some good tunes and a nice cold beer. 

    Nikki has a huge family including four sisters, one brother, two nieces and two nephews. She also has a beautiful Great Dane named Thumper (aka"Stink") and a fuzzy Irish Wolfhound named Meko. When people tell her they're spoiled, she has to correct them and say "they're loved with a capital S." 

    Nikki likes working at Twin City Subaru because "I feel we have a great team, the atmosphere is amazing and what better product to be selling for Vermont? I purchased my Subaru here before working here and I absolutely loved how everyone made me feel comfortable, important and like family. I want my customers to have the same experience that I did."

  • Kadence Verge
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Kadence Verge enjoys kayaking, sipping margaritas, and building/working on rally cars with her dad. She has a huge passion for motorsports and has been involved in different variations for over 6 years. She does local rallycross events and has been involved in stage rally, co-driving for regional teams and this year started driving the rally car herself. She is afraid of heights, but would love to check skydiving off her bucket list!

    Kadence is originally from Pittsfield, MA, and currently finishing up her BS in Cybersecurity at Champlain College.  She loves to travel, but her favorite place is close to home. Every year she visits Old Saybrook, CT, with her longtime best friends from MA, where they enjoy quiet time on the beach or kayaking along the coast. 

    Kadence likes working at Twin City Subaru because "Subaru is an amazing vehicle to get yourself into. I've been driving and racing them for years and I 100% believe that they are a great car. The team here at Twin City Subaru is just as amazing and their passion for taking care of their customers is why I love working here."

  • Monty Grandfield
    Parts Manager
    (802) 224-7203

    While new to the Twin City Subaru team in late 2013, Monty has been working in the auto parts industry since 1991. And he's been working on that beard almost as long (since '94)! Monty is a life-long Vermonter and the accessory he'd recommend most is the vent visor, commonly known as a rain guard. After all these years he's sure to have seen his share of inclement VT weather! Monty's Subaru of choice? The all-new 2016 Forester, because its roomy interior fits his need for head and leg room.

  • Kyler Davis
    Subaru Parts

  • Domenic Cerminara
    Subaru Service

  • Alex Nicholson
    Service Advisor

    Alex has worked as a Subaru-Certified Sales Consultant before moving into the role of Business Manager and is now a Service Advisor. He has lived in Vermont his whole life. He enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding and mountain-biking in his free time. Alex also has an affinity for tinkering on and racing his cars. Most importantly, Alex offers his stamp of approval for all Subarus. In his words "They are the perfect vehicle for Vermont. Subarus offer the perfect mix of practicality, versitility, and affordability, making them the most valuable vehicles on the road today!". Check out what Alex's customers are saying on DealerRater.

  • Dan Royea
    Service Advisor

  • Bill Lindie
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7208

  • Josiah Nunn
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Tim Coles
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Bill Morgan
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Ricco Suliveras
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Jeffrey Martin
    Used Car Service Technician

  • Kathryn Richardson
    Chief Accountant

  • Polly Smith
    Office Manager

    Polly Smith has been working at Twin City Subaru for 14 years and likes working here because "the dealership gives back to the community and to the employees." She enjoys black coffee and eating at Black Rock Steakhouse in Springfield, VT. She loves to read just about anything and quilting for her friends and family. Polly is the youngest of 10 children and has been married to her best friend for 40 years. They have 1 son, 3 grand children and 3 great grandchildren. She also has a 9 year old Peke Pug named Roxie!

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