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  • Twin City Subaru
    (802) 223-5232

    Providing you with a friendly and fun environment is the top priority for our staff at Twin City Subaru. Whether you're buying parts from Kyler, scheduling your next service appointment with Dan or looking at a new Subaru with Jim - we want you to have a great experience!

  • Dave Birmingham
    Chief Dog Walker

  • Bentley
    Chief Dog

    Hi, my name is Bentley and I am the "Chief Dog" at Twin City Subaru.  I don't take the title too seriously so all canines are welcome here.  Australian Shepherds are notoriously quirky and I am no exception although I prefer to think of myself as a unique individual.   I am extremely friendly so please come and pet me.  Warning, I can't seem to stop myself from kissing just about everyone I meet.  I am always hungry and may seem like I want your donut, but I am on a diet so please don't feed me.

    I want to meet you all!


    Bentley's Bio:

    Bentley lives in the Champlain Islands with his people, the Birminghams.  He is a rescue dog from Aussie Rescue and is four years old.  He is truly one of the friendliest dogs around and seems to love every man, woman, child, cat, dog and you name it.  When Bentley is not working his favorite place is Niquette Bay State Park running the trails.

  • Jose Oliver
    General Manager
    (802) 224-7207

  • Desmond Culcleasure
    Sales Manager
    (802) 224-7278

    A Bronx, N.Y. native, Desmond has lived in Vermont for over 20 years.  On his days off, Mr. Culcleasure enjoys Vermont's fantastic fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing with his eleven year-old daughter Celia and wife Tanya. Why should you purchase a vehicle from him? "Because in my eyes it's more about building relationships than selling cars. I'll be there for you long after the sale is completed." 

  • Bryan Chenvert
    Sales Manager
    (802) 224-7228

  • John Lucey
    Business Manager
    (802) 224-7217

    John Lucey has lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia. While away, he always wanted to come back to New England. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and, prior to being a Business Manager, held several positions in the auto industry & worked as a ski instructor at Vail Resorts in Vail, CO.

    Whether it's cruising the bike path, walking in the woods, or people watching from an eatery on Church St., John and his wife, Christina, like to spend as much time as possible enjoying all that the beautiful New England outdoors has to offer.
    John and his wife recently moved to South Burlington from Rhode Island. They have two rabbits, Beef and Cubby.  John likes working at Twin City Subaru because "my fellow employees and customers alike are great. Everyone tends to be much more easy going and polite than what I am used to back in Rhode Island."

  • Matt Cappetta
    Business Manager
    (802) 224-7219

    Matt Cappetta was born in Long Island, NY, and moved to Barre, VT, at a young age. He thinks Vermont offers a great quality of life that nowhere else he has traveled to so far can match. His favorite place to be is outside relaxing in the sun or on the beach with his son Henry.

    Matt worked for Harley-Davidson for about 8 years and at another Subaru dealership before coming to Twin City Subaru. He likes to work at Twin City Subaru because "The atmosphere of the dealership is unlike any other car dealership I've experienced. We are so lucky to have great customers, a great product, and a team that has integrity and wants to make people happy."

  • Ashley Shangraw
    BDC Agent
    (802) 223-5232

  • Jim Glassford
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7215

    Jim Glassford has been a Subaru-Certified sales consultant for 25 years and is a 2018 Subaru Summit Performer. He graduated from Champlain College & and has lived in Vermont for 31 years. 

    Jim's favorite car to sell is the Outback, and he believes that Subarus are the perfect car for this area because they're reliable, comfortable and great in the snow. Why buy from Jim at Twin City? "I have proven that I will be there for you after the sale, and I also treat others how I would like to be treated." 

  • Jeff Moser
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7216

    Jeff Moser, a lifelong Vermont resident, sees himself as an incredible DIY-er (do-it-yourself-er). A Norwich attendee, Jeff finds enjoyment in long road trips and riding his motorcycle cross country. His favorite Vermont beer is Switchback and he loves The Scuffer restaurant on Church St. in Burlington. Jeff started his working days at Al's French Fries, and now loves selling cars because of the happy drivers. Jeff says he loves helping people find a safe, comfortable car to drive, and he loves Twin City "for the honest, no-nonsense approach Twin City provides".

  • Dylan Otis
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7224

    Dylan Otis has a passion for golf. He has been playing competitively since age 14. He won a state title with his high school team and was a medalist in college. When he isn't playing golf he enjoys kayaking, hiking, and swimming. His personal philosophy is "Desire is desire. We will make mistakes in life and it's how we bounce back that defines true character." Dylan was baptized in Africa and would like to see the Himalayan Mountains and the beaches of Thailand. He went to Northfield High School and attended Norwich University for some time. Dylan likes working at Twin City Subaru because of "my fellow sales/service team who work amongst myself. We work together to provide an excellent service to our customers. It's hard to find a great group of co-workers who make selling fun."

  • Tony Fletcher
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7212

  • Paul Walsh
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7201

    Paul grew up in Southern Vermont, specifically Rutland County.  He has been in the Auto/Finance Business since 1997, and with Subaru since 2011. He and his fiance are currently buying a house right here in Barre Town.  Like many of you, he can't wait for my favorite restaurants and shops to reopen.  It would be his pleasure to put over two decades of professional experience to work for you!

  • Frankie Candido
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7214

  • Wesley Faulkner
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Angus MacAskill
    Lot Attendant

  • Richard St. Jean
    Service & Parts Manager
    (802) 224-7226

  • Kyler Davis
    Subaru Parts Associate
    (802) 224-7291

  • Josh Vilbrin
    Parts Consultant
    (802) 224-7204

  • Dan Royea
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7205

  • Donna Atkins
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7223

  • Chris Mango
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7220

  • Bethany Kendall
    Parts Manager
    (802) 224-7209

  • Devon Cropley
    Service Advisor
    (802) 224-7220

  • Tommy Vigeant
    Shop Foreman

  • Jonathon Comeau
    Team Leader and Master Technician

  • Jeffrey Martin
    Used Car Service Technician

  • Tim Coles
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Bill Morgan
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Ricco Suliveras
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Paul Gifford
    Service Technician

  • Ethan Bartolomeo
    Service Technician

  • Jalen Carter
    Subaru Service Technician

  • Andrew Tate
    Service Technician

  • Jacob Touchette
    Service Technician

  • Kathryn Richardson
    Chief Accountant
    (802) 224-7296