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Twin City Subaru Staff

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  • Twin City Subaru
    (802) 223-5232

    Providing you with a friendly and fun environment is the top priority for our staff at Twin City Subaru. Whether you're buying parts from Jeff, scheduling your next service appointment with Mike or looking at a new Subaru with Doug - we want you to have a great experience!

  • Dave Birmingham
    (802) 224-7239

    Note from Dave Birmingham, Owner at Twin City Subaru. I want to thank you for your visit today at 802cars.com and TwinCitySubaru.com. Our greatest asset as a dealership is the team I get to work with every day. You can depend on them for their honest best effort to solve whatever your particular need requires. If for any reason we do not live up to your expectations, please tell us. We can solve virtually any concern that you may have if you give us the chance. If our team member fails to solve your concern, please call me directly at (802) 224-7239 or email me at dave@vtcars.com. Thank you again for your visit. We look forward to serving you.

  • Chris Davis
    General Manager
    (802) 224-7214

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    Chris is a 38-year Vermont resident and currently lives in Montpelier. He doesn't have a favorite; he loves to sell all Subarus. What makes a Subaru so awesome? "Really?! Come on it's a Subaru! It has all-wheel drive, it's safe, for the money it's the best value on the market - it's also the most award-winning company back-to-back! ...And it's the unofficial car of Vermont!" Chris has three children - Nicole, 17; Melody, 13 and Kyler, 12. His first car was a Jeep and his hobbies are boating, motorcycles and his kids.  Why does Chris think you should buy from Twin City Subaru? "To be honest it doesn't matter what I say, you as a customer have heard it before. I can tell you our goal is to make sure your car-buying experience is an enjoyable one. But you have to judge that for yourself."

    Read more to see Subaru Guru Chris' words to live by.

  • John Henning
    Subaru Sales Manager
    (802) 224-7217

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    John Henning, a Lehigh grad and father of seven is best described by the Ben & Jerry's flavor Chubby Hubby. This baseball and football lover enjoys fishing and can also shoot basketball free throws with either hand. The best concert he's ever been to was Alvin Lee at the Fillmore in East Greenwich Village in 1970, and his favorite song is You're Still the One, by Orleans. His favorite Vermont destination is his home, but he enjoys a good meal at L'Amante in Burlington, VT.

    John currently drives a Subaru Impreza, but if he could have any car it would be the new 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek Limited. If he could describe himself as one vehicle, it'd be the Subaru Outback, because it's practical, dependable and useful. Come see John at Twin City Subaru today!

  • Desmond Culcleasure
    Business Manager

    A Bronx, N.Y. native, Desmond has lived in Vermont for 17 years.  On his days off, Mr. Culcleasure enjoys Vermont's fantastic fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing with his eleven year-old daughter Celia and wife Tanya. Why should you purchase a vehicle from him? "Because in my eyes it's more about building relationships than selling cars. I'll be there for you long after the sale is completed."

  • Jim Glassford
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7215

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    A graduate of Champlain College, Jim is a Subaru-Certified sales consultant and a 2009 Master Peak Performer. He's a current resident of South Barre, Vt., and has lived in the state for 24 years. Jim's favorite car to sell is the Outback, and he believes that Subarus are the perfect car for this area because they're reliable, comfortable and great in the snow. Why buy from Jim at Twin City? "I have proven that I will be there for you after the sale, and I also treat others how I would like to be treated."

    Find out how much Subaru Guru Jim paid for his first car.

  • Doug Smith
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 224-7219

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    Doug Smith, also known as "Smitty," "Smitto," "Smiegel," "Mr. Magoo" and "Pal" has been a Vermont resident for the last seven years. A University of Santa Clara graduate, Doug loves to watch horse racing and is happy to enjoy a good meal at the Three Penny Taproom.  Doug says he would travel anywhere in the world that has good sushi; his favorite dinner meal, although he's already been to most places. His favorite part about selling cars is selling himself, and if he were a car he would be the Subaru Outback - "Because I'm versatile." Come on down to Twin City Subaru to meet this banjo-playing, unicycle-riding Guru today!

    Read more to find out what other instruments Subaru Guru Doug can play.

  • Mike Rivet
    Subaru Sales Consultant
    (802) 224-7224

    A graduate of Norwich University, Mike is a Subaru-Certified Sales Consultant and first came to Vermont in 2004. He's now a current resident of Williamstown, VT and his favorite activity outside of work is spending time with his wife Tara, his amazing two and a half year old son Oliver, and their rambunctious Golden Retriever Riley. Mike loves to sell Subaru's because "coming from a very large family of nine kids, myself being the only son, I have learned you absolutely cannot put a price on peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and the value that you get for such an incredible car". 

  • Joe Sweeney
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Cars Sales
    (802) 224-7212

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    Joe is a Subaru-Certified Sales Consultant and has lived in Vermont every year of his life. He's currently a resident in Montpelier, and graduated from UVM, Champlain and Trinity College. He believes a positive mental attitude (PMA) should be the guiding principle in life, and that the one thing that makes a Subaru awesome is love. Why buy from Joe at Twin City Subaru? "This dealership is very friendly and offers great prices with low pressure. I am friendly and outgoing, and I love to meet to people and help them find the right car that will bring them years of quality and enjoyment. Call or stop in and ask for me. I promise to make your car-buying experience enjoyable, relaxing and fun."

    Find out Subaru Guru Joe's two favorite Vermont eateries.

  • Dan Barone
    Subaru Sales & Leasing Consultant

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    Dan, a Vermont Technical College grad, is a learned mechanic among many other interests. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he'd choose Israel, where he spent time living and working on an archeological site. He loves Japanese sports cars, and enjoys discussing the techy stuff. His favorite place to eat is Texas Roadhouse in Williston, and his favorite Vermont destination is Camel's Hump. He enjoys a nice Longtrail Blackberry Wheat and a glass of Maker's Mark, and loves fall for the crisp mornings, trees, hunting season and lack of bugs. Why does Dan love Twin City Subaru? "The positive atmosphere, tight-knit team and the dog-friendly environment."

  • Tony Fletcher
    Subaru Sales & Leasing / Used Car Sales
    (802) 223-5232

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    Tony, a Vermonter for 47 years, loves the city of Burlington, the food in Stowe and the beer from Rock Art. His first job was as a farm hand, but now he loves selling cars. "It is a very satisfying feeling to see excitement from purchasing the car they want and to know I have helped with that," he says about helping his customers find the right car for their needs. He especially loves working at Twin City Subaru because there are "great people to work with selling a great product." His favorite movie is Gladiator, his biggest fear is heights, his favorite season is fall and his favorite sport is football.

  • Jeff Moser
    Leasing & Sales
    (802) 223-5232 ex. 216

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    Jeff Moser, a 50-year Vermont resident sees himself as an incredible DIY-er (do-it-yourself-er). A Norwich attendee, Jeff finds enjoyment in long road trips and riding his motorcycle cross country. His favorite Vermont beer is Switchback and he loves The Scuffer restaurant on Church St. in Burlington. Jeff started his working days at Al's French Fries, and now loves selling cars because of the happy drivers. Jeff says he loves helping people find a safe, comfortable car to drive, and he loves Twin City "for the honest, no-nonsense approach Twin City provides."

    To find out what Jeff makes (or brews...) at home, click here!

  • Alex Nicholson
    Subaru Sales and Leasing Consultant

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  • Mike Bishop
    Subaru Service
    (802) 224-7205

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    Mike Bishop has been with the Subaru Service Team for more than 18 years and in the industry for 28 years, in which time he has acquired a hands on automotive education.  Mike is a man of many hats and in his free time enjoys playing drums with The House Rockers and cooking up yummy sausage with his mobile "Papa Sausage" kitchen.

  • Travis Lilley
    Service Advisor

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  • Monty Grandfield
    Parts Manager
    (802) 224-7203

    While new to the Twin City Subaru team in late 2013, Monty has been working in the auto parts industry since 1991. And he's been working on that beard almost as long (since '94)! Monty is a life-long Vermonter and the accessory he'd recommend most is the vent visor, commonly known as a rain guard. After all these years he's sure to have seen his share of inclement VT weather! Monty's Subaru of choice? The all-new 2014 Forester, because its roomy interior fits his need for head and leg room.

  • Jeff Cirignano
    Subaru Parts

    In addition to being a critical member of the Subaru Parts team here at Twin City Subaru, Jeff is a critical part to the success of our annual Green Up Day events. He manages the trash collection team every year - in 2013 he helped the Cash for Trash Fundraiser raise more than $3,000 for a new playground at Berlin Elementary School!

  • Patrick Reed
    Subaru Parts

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  • Nathan Hart
    Customer Care Associate
    (802) 522-8041

  • Shawn Fleury
    Subaru Service Tech
    (802) 224 7220

Certified Pre–Owned Subaru Stellar Performer